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Super Jump is a software technology company specialising in developing and delivering videocentric solutions. We strive to create innovative, yet simple to use products, products that are designed to meet and exceed expectations.

Our roots run deep in the performance analysis industry, with over 20 years of experience, we understand that our software sits in mission critical environments and we lead with a service minded approach because of this fact. By carefully listening and working closely with you, we are able to provide solutions that simply work for you.

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Super Stream is a communication and media sharing solution built for organisations that are looking to distribute and control strategic messages and content in a simple and secure mobile cloud environment.

Through Super Stream, messages and content can be posted to individuals or groups by anyone in the organisation from any desktop or device to the Super Stream app. In essence, it is like instant messaging with the ability to include heavy weight multi-media files and documents. And unlike many of the messaging and sharing platforms, the content that is posted remains in control of the person who posted it, so at any time, content can be easily removed, so it is no longer accessible or it can be resent when new people join the organisation.

Super Stream boasts the latest in video and audio streaming technology, HTTP Live Streaming. All video and audio content that is posted is re-encoded into various qualities to deliver the best experience possible according to network conditions and it is AES encrypted. This guarantees great viewing and a high level of security.

Super Stream Cloud

Content can be categorised by using tags when it is posted, making it easy to filter for the tags in the Super Stream app. In fact, everything is searchable, so any text in the subject or message of a post can quickly be found and viewed. Plus, any post can be set as a favourite making getting back to it a cinch.

Super Stream iPhone

The Super Stream app will fire off notifications when new items are available, guaranteeing that the recipients will always be up to date with the important information being posted.

The coolest aspect of the Super Stream solution is that we can deploy a custom branded app with an organisation's logos and branding.

We believe this is a powerful way an organisation can utilise the solution and create a single access point for all critical information that is available everywhere anytime.